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Olufsgaard – Urban drainage Case study

Olufsgaard – Urban drainage

The original task was to re-establish lawns but the collaboration with idverde opened up a new possibility. Find out more about how the residents enjoy improved outdoor spaces whilst also benefitting climate and nature.

Advise Create

The original project at Olufsgaard was optimised by one of our advisors who is a trained rainwater consultant. Significant opportunities were spotted to allow the renovation work on the site to benefit both nature and people.

Instead of installing new sewerage pipes associated infrastructure. Rainwater is now being directed from roof surfaces, green areas, roads and parking spaces into open gutters made of cobblestones as well as rainwater basins and rainbeds with biodiverse meadows, grasses or perennial plants. The water evaporates and seeps into the ground.

For this project, we offered a new alternative solution where fewer materials had to be used to solve the same issue. The solution at Olufgaard provides mixed terrain that is more exciting to look at, while the access to water also creates more optimal living conditions for insects and small animals. The need for fewer materials and less manpower as well as a reduced CO2 emissions make the nature-based O2 solutions a natural first choice. Olufgaard also received a 40% refund on their sewerage connection fee.

“We can easily build landscapes in new ways that handle the rainwater up on the ground. It provides more exciting and hilly landscapes, and the access to water also creates living conditions for new biodiversity. ”

Kristoffer Sindby
Development Manager for Climate Adaptation idverde

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