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Translated from original Press Release: 29 September 2020

"We have been part of the idverde group for almost two years now and we are proud of that! " Olaf Janssen, formerly Managing Director at BTL, is now Country CEO at idverde. "We have the same goal in every country: to add value for our customers, for green users and for the environment. The cooperation with our international colleagues inspires and makes us stronger. This is reason for us to take this next step."


idverde NL consists of idverde Advice (consultancy and engineering),  idverde Tree Service (specialised knowledge-intensive tree issues) and idverde Realisation (construction and maintenance of the green outdoor space). At the head is Olaf Janssen, who will continue to be at the helm of the company under the new name to further develop the company.

The name changes, but the local involvement and presence remain. Through the international knowledge exchange, the organisation can work even better on the global issues of our time: declining biodiversity, climate change or making the ‘value of green’ measurable. Janssen: "We are in daily contact with colleagues and stay up to date with the latest developments."

idverde is also engaged in an international training programme for senior executives. Because the organisation is growing not only internationally, but also nationally, this year BTL took over the Hague firms Verboon Groen & GWW and Verboon Machines, creating more growth opportunities. It is important, because in today's green market, finding good staff is quite a challenge.

Janssen: "With the connection, I said that I couldn't imagine a better home for BTL and its esteemed colleagues and customers than idverde. Now, two years later, this has become a reality. The social and cultural connection is perfect and now two new countries have already joined. The journey within the idverde family is certainly not over and I look forward to the future with confidence."

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