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Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands


A leader in landscape creation & maintenance

We are Europe’s leading landscaping creation and maintenance company, present in six countries with over 10,000 customers in both the public and private sectors and a revenue of £1bn.

We have over 10,000 employees who are passionate, skilled technicians maintaining and managing millions of hectares of park and community spaces across Europe, alongside teams of experts in climate adaption, biodiversity, arboriculture, soil quality and water management.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park London, UK

“It’s our aim to harness nature’s power and people’s energy to create more revitalized spaces, places and territories. By cultivating climate-resilient, biodiverse places, we’re tackling the climate crisis and adding value: socially and environmentally.”

Morten Dohrmann Hansen
CEO, Denmark
Purpose, mission and vision

Pioneers in nature-based solutions

We have a bold mission: We are looking for new ways to harness the power of nature and the expertise of our people to tackle the climate crisis and environmental challenges.

We want to be pioneers who help cities adjust to climate change, who cultivate climate-resilient, biodiverse spaces, while creating meaningful jobs for the people who create and maintain them.

It’s not a simple aim but it’s our vision that, together with our clients and partners, we will develop nature-based solutions that address the environmental challenges many of our cities and communities face today.

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Tackling Challenges

As the climate crisis deepens, idverde is responding with a comprehensive portfolio
of landscaping and ecological services to fit the unique needs of nature and people.

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Our leadership team

Our leadership team brings a wealth of skills, sector experience and expertise from around the world.

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Group team

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Group team

Group team

Find out more about our leaders who make up our Group Team.

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