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News 22 Nov 2022

OKNygaard is EU's first B Corp-cert. landscaping Co.

OKNygaard has achieved the highest certification in sustainability, B Corp. Both as the first landscaping company in the EU, but also as the first company in the European idverde group.

The Danish landscaping company OKNygaard is the first in its industry in the EU to qualify for the globally recognized certification, which proves that the company lives up to the highest standards in sustainability, environment and social responsibility.

For Morten Dohrmann Hansen, CEO and country manager of idverde in Denmark, the certification is a cementing of the strategy that idverde has for future nature-based solutions that involve more sustainability, more data and more documentation.

“We are proud that OKNygaard, as the first of all landscaping companies in the EU and companies worldwide, has achieved the certification. OKNygaard shows that we as landscaping companies can make a difference in and for the world without compromising either our core business or our environmental and social responsibility. When all our subsidiaries are certified, we stand strong as the market's leading partner in nature-based and sustainable solutions.”

Morten Dohrmann Hansen, CEO idverde Denmark

B Corp is a responsibility now and in the future.

At OKNygaard, there is joy that the certification is on target, but the work has only just begun, emphasizes Ole Kjærgaard, CEO at OKNygaard.

When Ole Kjærgaard mentions obligation, it refers to the legal change that you as a B Corp must write into your articles of association: That you will take the interests of the environment, employees, customers and society into consideration when making decisions.

Therefore, OKNygaard continues to think broadly about its responsibilities. For example, to maintain and strengthen employee well-being and learning, to increase their social responsibility with the recruitment of people on the edge of the labour market and to strengthen the supply chain's work with sustainability. And as something special, they have given their hand at always trying to offer customers more sustainable alternatives to the traditional and conventional solutions.

“We have long had it as part of our DNA to take responsibility for the environment, employees and society. As part of idverde, we have accelerated that development. Being a B Corp recognizes the great work that the entire company has put in a lot of effort in recent years. With the work on the certification, we have systematized our approach; we have strengthened our data collection and our follow-up. We have committed ourselves to developing that work, so that we constantly ensure that we make a difference.”

Ole Kjærgaard
CEO at OKNygaard

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