Places where people & nature thrive

We are idverde. We harness the power of nature to develop green spaces that benefit communities, protect biodiversity and help cities manage climate change.

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'Le Jardin Extraordinaire', France

What we do

Climate resilient, biodiverse landscapes

At idverde, we create the green spaces that breathe life into our cities and suburbs.

We’re pioneering the creation and maintenance of climate-resilient, biodiverse places where people and nature can thrive together.

“Harnessing nature, as a solution to environmental and climate challenges, is an integral part of our work with our clients today. It is also a growing part of our discussions with progressive companies, public and private, who recognise the urgent need to adapt to climate change and develop climate resilient, biodiverse places for the benefit and enjoyment of all.”


Reconnecting people and nature together

As experts in nature-based solutions, idverde brings a comprehensive portfolio of landscape creation, maintenance and ecological services to fit the unique needs of nature and people, in rural and urban areas, everywhere.

From advisory services which examine the potential and impact of open spaces and creation projects before they begin, to the creation of perfectly balanced community spaces with people, planet and performance at the heart, to the on-going maintenance of land which is bringing enjoyment to many and adding to the biodiversity net gain for the long term.

Where we operate

We work across Europe

We are Europe’s leading landscape creation and maintenance provider, with more than 150 branches in six countries and approximately 10,000 fully committed employees.

We have ongoing expansion plans. If you would like to be part of the growing idverde family, click here.

Meet our clients

Our partnerships

We work alongside a range of partners and interested parties to help understand and meet the needs of people and planet.

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