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Stichting Steenbreek and idverde NL have entered into a partnership for the benefit of urban areas

Sharing their experiences and skills for the benefit of urban areas, Roel van Dijk, director of the Steenbreek Foundation: "The knowledge and expertise of idverde NL will help us with concrete solutions with regard to greening business parks."

Steenbreek is a national organisation which provides support for the sustainable greening of our living environment, aiming to ensure the living environment in the Netherlands is as beneficial as possible. Now idverde NL is working with Steenbreek together to make a visibly greener impact with regard to climate, health, biodiversity and spatial quality.

“We want to play a leading role in greening business parks in order to work on the working landscapes of the future," says Mascha Maas, Commercial Manager idverde NL. "The collaboration with the Steenbreek Foundation fits in perfectly with this."

Together they will organise various business park stages. The first stage will take place in April with a focus on the social importance of more greenery for business parks in Limburg. Special attention will be paid to the feasibility study that’s about to start on business park Roerstreek. The goal of the study is to understand which local challenges, health, experience, climate etc, could be solved by more future-orientated green solutions.

The collaboration between idverde NL and Stichting Steenbreek is an important step towards greener business parks and sustainable working landscapes. A place where work, health and climate go hand in hand.

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