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The company has chosen to hand over its activities to idverde as part of a long-term development. idverde and Boccard will work hand in hand, transitioning and supporting its 90 employees.

“The reputation and history of Boccard is a great positive for idverde, we are happy to welcome a company with 160 years’ of experience, which will strengthen idverde's presence in Europe." said Hervé Lançon, Past President of the idverde Group.

Very popular in Switzerland, Boccard Parcs et Jardins will retain all its management team, including Jean-Marc Boccard as the director. This is set to be a long-term transition within idverde and demonstrating the aspiration to retain the identity, the local presence and reputation of Boccard Parcs et Jardins.

"Respecting nature, spreading awareness on biodiversity, contributing to the enrichment of our planet and heritage and enhancing the living environment of our customers, are the values that Boccard shares with idverde" - Jean-Marc Boccard, Chairman of Boccard Parcs et Jardins.

The wider idverde Group is continuing its development as a specialist in all areas of green spaces with the on-going objective of better satisfying its customers; from construction to maintenance, including support in design and solutions aimed at improving biodiversity and protecting the environment.

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